• Too often, Beacon Hill forgets that the needs of Western Mass are very different from the Boston metro area. Our Western delegation is great at reminding their colleagues that agriculture is just as important as biotech. In the legislature, I want to be an avid supporter of agriculture, on a caliber of Senator Ben Downing. I would work with him and Senator Rosenberg—who both took the lead on the Dairy Farm Revitalization legislation—to ensure our dairy sector and other agricultural trades can compete against other states.
  • My support of co-ops would be a tremendous boost for agriculture, because producer cooperatives allow many businesses to pool their resources together to streamline hiring harvest staff, cut overhead costs, and consolidate sales in local markets to better compete against big agribusiness. A great example of this model is Florida’s Natural orange juice, which is a 75-year-old producer co-op of more than 1,000 grower-members who sell directly to market.
  • Consumer co-ops also benefit the farming community. Greenfield Farmers Cooperative Exchange is one such example of farmers pooling resources to have greater buying power. I would encourage promotion of such businesses throughout my district and the state.
  • If elected, I will also draft and fight hard for a bill to incentivize the conversion of diesel gasoline tractors to biodiesel, which would be doubly beneficial to the farming community.

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