• I oppose large, inefficient biomass plants because of extreme amounts of pollution involved in burning mass quantities of wood and debris.  I am in favor of smaller, high efficiency biomass facilities which can be part of a multi-tiered solution to foreign oil dependency.
  • I support biodiesel programs and products like Northeast Biodiesel in Greenfield, which is a consumer cooperative. I will work to renew and expand the Clean Energy Biofuels Act of 2008, which “gives preferential tax treatment to non-corn-based alternatives to ethanol, and mandates biofuel content (2 percent by 2010 and 5 percent by 2013) in all diesel and home heating fuel sold in the state.” This also helps the farmers of our district.
  • I will work to expand recycling programs and wind and solar options, not simply with tax breaks, but also by having the government itself invest in these programs. The proposed municipal solar plants in Pittsfield and Greenfield provide innovative models for such investment.

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