[Image: A red checkmark with “Paul Mark, State Representative, 2nd Berkshire District” on the right in white and red font]

Thank you for visiting.

This website was created to provide you with information about my campaign and how you can get involved in supporting Representative Paul Mark of the 2nd Berkshire District.  I invite you to check out this website to learn how we can make a difference together by keeping up with the latest campaign news, offering your advice on the issues, and volunteering to help with the campaign.

There is a great deal of hard work that needs to be done during this campaign. I am confident I have shown I am up to the challenge, and I pledge that I will continue to put every ounce of my effort into this task.  It is extremely satisfying to meet the people of this great Commonwealth and listen to their concerns.  Your thoughts and suggestions make me a more effective advocate while serving the people in the State House.

I’m excited about the opportunity to continue serving the people of our region and this great Commonwealth.  All my life I have worked hard to achieve what seemed impossible and I have never backed down because things were difficult.  I have put that same level of dedication and passion into serving others as well.  I know what it’s like to worry about job security or losing a home, I have stood with my co-workers to fight for fairness, and I have volunteered my time to help others in the community succeed.  I believe we will overcome the negativity and uncertainty facing our nation, and I remain optimistic about the future.  I look forward to meeting you out in the district, learning more about your concerns, coming up with solutions together, and serving you well as our State Representative.

Paul Mark